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We are glad you are here. We offer vaccination, health screening and care connection services to the University community and our neighbors. Daily walk-ins subject to availability. Come visit us!

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An ever-evolving world needs forward-thinking leaders.

The Hub serves as a central access point for connecting people to health care resources. It is a place where students from every discipline can learn together about what it takes to care for a community today, and into tomorrow.


Pitt Student gets the latest Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from a medical technician at the Pitt Vaccination and Health Connection Hub on 5th Ave.

Allegheny County residents turn out for new COVID shot amid supply chain issues | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"We have had the new COVID vaccine in stock for just over two weeks and have already given over 50% more doses this year compared to this time last year. Engaging our students in the vaccination process affords them the opportunity to give back to the community while meeting a health care need."

students standing with poster

Hub Interns Win Awards for Best Research Posters

The Pitt Vaccination and Health Connection Hub congratulates its interns in the 2023 Pitt Public Health Undergraduate Scholars Program (PHUSP).

blood pressure check

University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy Receives $20,000 Grant

The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, in partnership with the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, is one of five universities that will each receive a $20,000 grant to teach the correct way to check blood pressure, the American Medical Association announced Aug. 30.


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