Hub Staff

smiling person Elizabeth Almes, PharmD
Clinical Manager
smiling person Linda Banks
Staff Administrator
Blonde woman smiling in a blue shirt, outside. Kate Brownlee
Director of Hub Operations
Galia David Galia
Billing and Outreach Coordinator
Giles Amy Giles
Clinic and Volunteer Manager
Klatt Trish Klatt, PharmD
Clinical Director
smiling person Michelle S. Koverman, PharmD
Strategic Pharmacist
Lissa Wettick Elizabeth (Lissa) Wettick, MD
Medical Director, Student Health Services, Laboratory Director for The Hub
WIlson Christina Wilson, PharmD
Clinical Manager

University Pharmacy Staff

smiling blonde woman Michelle Covone, PharmD
University Pharmacy Director
smiling person Kristin Kline Sullivan, PharmD
Staff Pharmacist
smiling man with dark hair Patrick Pugliese, PharmD
University Pharmacy (Student Health Services)


smiling person Amanda Casagrande, MD
Medical Director
smiling person Kim C. Coley, PharmD
smiling person Jamie Craig
Pitt IT
Herbert Sophia Herbert, PharmD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Education Director
smiling person Jonna L. Morris, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor of Health and Community Systems
Dr. McGivney smiling in a white jacket on a grey background Melissa A. Somma McGivney, PharmD
Professor of Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Executive Director
smiling person Joe Suyama, MD
Medical Director
Sandra Waterbec
Pitt IT