Biometric Screenings

Free wellness screenings are offered by UPMC Health Plan to all Pitt faculty and staff who have UPMC Health Plan coverage through the University. Health incentive credit can also be earned for this activity. You can earn up to $80 each year by staying on top of your health!
The Hub offers a convenient location on the Pittsburgh campus for all employees to take advantage of this health benefit through our partnership with the Office of Human Resources

Things to know about the biometric screening:

Walk-ins are accepted for biometric screenings. However, it is recommended that you fast for 12 hours before your screening (except if you are pregnant). No food or beverages, except water. If you take medication, continue to take it. The blood test is a simple fingerstick test.
Screenings are offered every day of the week, Monday - Friday. Because of the fasting requirement, mornings are an especially popular time. The Hub opens early on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for employees. 
Our space is open-plan.

Screenings measure your:

  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Blood glucose levels
A clinician at The Hub will review your results with you after your screening. You will learn steps to maintain your health and get connected to resources and providers. If your biometric screening results require a follow up, The Hub staff can help get you in with MyHealth@Work just down the street.  
For questions about the Wellness Incentives program and how your reward dollars can be used, please visit here.